Same Date but Change of Venue
The BWI 3rd Congress will still be held on the same date but the venue will be changed. The World Trade Organization (WTO) will organise its 9th Ministerial Conference in Denpasar, Indonesia on the same 1st week of December 2013.

Due to major logistical and security concerns (more than 15,000 delegates will come, all of us are in 2 square kilometer convention complex and WTO will set up their security zone) as well as visa limitations (for security the Indonesia government will be strict), BWI is forced to change the venue of its Congress.

BWI is exploring several options now based on price, accessibility, availability of facilities, and trade union significance.

The World Council that will meet on 16 November 2012 will then decide on the new venue. After the meeting an official invitation will be sent to you and a public announcement will be made.