UPDATE: 50 days before the Congress
With 50 days left before the Congress, the Secretariat would like to make some update on the participation, affiliates inputs, and the over-all preparations.

This 3rd BWI Congress is turning to be a very big event as widespread interest has been noted. So far, there are around 640 delegates and 48 observers from other global unions, social partners, solidarity and other fraternal organisations. Women are also showing their substantial presence as 144 women leaders are attending while the youth has around 50 representatives. Counting the support staff, interpreters and other guests the attendance is close to 850.

Meanwhile, more than 100 unions submitted nominations for the Presidium and the Auditors Committee –an evidence of political interest of the 333 affiliates of BWI.

The discourse is expected to be vibrant and animated as 21 Resolutions were submitted. Issues of debate will range from BWI strategic organisational directions to China policy as well as key themes that need priority actions like on Qatar, MNCs bad practices, forest certification, women and youth, violation of workers rights in Fiji as well as on migrant workers.

Pre-congress events that will contribute in sharpening BWI policies and actions shall include global gender forum and four (4) thematic forums covering multinational companies, migration, employment relations as well as trade union right and democracy.

While the Congress agenda will follow the statutes, it is taking shape, as the two thematic panels have been filled-up with notable speakers that can guarantee dynamic exchanges. The statutory committees have been constituted also thereby ensuring the smooth process of decision-making and elections.

Global solidarity is also very much alive as twelve organisations contributed travel grants to bring 25 delegates. The contributors include JAC Japan, OGBH Austria, SYNA and UNIA of Switzerland, Rakennusliitto Finland, BAT KARTEL Denmark, FNV Bouw and CNV Vakmensen of Netherlands, the Nordic Federation NBTF, Industri Energi and Fellesforbundet of Norway, and ACV of Belgium.

The regional offices are also preparing their exhibitions that will showcase their work during the past congress period. Thanks to the various solidarity support organisations (SSOs), our regions have made an impact on the lives of the workers and at the same time influenced the frame of labour relations in the various countries. The Congress week will be an opportunity to talk to other delegates about their struggles, show their actions, wave their banners, and share their documents.

We are building solidarity and making jobs and justice possible - all the way to Bangkok and beyond.