Call for a united struggle for equal rights
“Capitalism is very good at turning working classes in different countries against each other. What is needed is therefore a global unified struggle for equal rights as well as better working and living conditions,” said Walden Bello, a Filipino author and academic speaking about the Asian experience of globalizatio at the European committee of the BWI in Bangkok on 2 December 2013.

The discussions focused on the unemployment and backlash for workers’ rights during this time of crisis. Instead of investing, governments and businesses are cutting down on wages and welfare benefits. Walden Bello stated:“ Both Europe and Asia need a new approach on growth and economic development with an alternative order” and argued that "trade unions in all regions of the world have to take a leading role in demanding such a change".

For Vasco Pedrina, chair of the European Committee : "In the past years, the BWI has strengthened its role as a true global union and developed strong partnership with unions in different parts of the world. “We need to strengthen these ties” he further added.

“I am pleased to see that BWI has become a true global union and not only dominated by Europe, this is a real strength but the fight must go on” concluded Klaus Wieselhugel, president of the BWI.