Forum on multinationals and infrastructure projects says international framework agreements are key to union development
Various forums on multinationals and infrastructure projects, employment relationship, migration and trade union rights, were held in Bangkok on 2 december 2013. On multinationals and infrastructure projects, several members shared best practice examples from their countries. Around 200 participated in the event. BWI can only focus on few contributions.

Bert Römer, responsible for international framework agreements at IGM, highlighted the role and strategy of IGM on IFAs, standards to empower trade unions, monitoring possilibilites and preconditions. IFAs represent" a means to support developments" and "a tool to democratize workers' structure." He also highlighted the importance of networks between trade unions at global level as well as the role of a monitoring mechanism. IFAs have led to positive results in countries like Malasia, Indonesia and Brazil in order to establish trade unions, conclude collective bargaining agreements, set up health and safety programmes or reach equal pay for workers or reduce working hours. In his view, IFAs have a big potential for the future.

Billl Street, IAM, explained that the Swedwood/IKEA case in Danville only achieved a positive outcome thanks to the role of GS in Sweden and the BWI solidarity support. GS powerful message "IKEA embarasses Sweden" and the BWI delegation to Danville generated a media opportunity worldwide.

Saul Mendes from SUTRACS Panama shared his experience in the Panama canal and metro line 1 projects. He particularly insisted on the importance of BWI solidarity combined to the action with the ILO CFA immediately after workers had paralyzed the work.

Video solidarity messages were also shown like Faber Castell stressing "their convinced necessity of signing international framework agreements" and that "profits should be combined with social values".

Booklets were distributed to all delegates on

  • Multinational companies booklet
  • Infrastructure booklet