International Women’s Committee says its crucial to recruit more young women workers in the near future
“There is a strong need to motivate and recruit more young women workers in the union fold and strategically build their capacities so that they can assert their rights and take up leadership positions in the future”, commented Edna Opoku Boackye, Chair of the IWC. The meeting was held in Bangkok on 2 December 2013.

The International Women’s Committee (IWC) looked back and assessed the actions and strategies in the different regions and also outlined the key gender issues that affiliated unions have been working on including affirmative and gender mainstreaming actions and also focused campaigns on women workers’ issues.

Organising women globally will continue to be a priority area for the BWI from 2014 to 2017.

On the composition of the committee for the next term subject to the approval of the statutory bodies are proposed Fatimah Mohammad (Asia/Pacific) as Chair; Mercedes Landolfi (Europe) as first Vice-President and Marta Pujadas (Latin America) as second Vice-President.