Latin America regional women committee meets to discuss gender policy for the coming years
The Latin America and Caribbean Committee discussed and analysed the proposals it will put to the 3rd World Congress with regard to gender policy for the coming years, including a resolution that focuses on gender parity in all regions and a requirement that the BWI conduct audits to provide information to control and monitor these guidelines.

The president of the Regional Women’s Committee of the BWI, comrade Marta Pujadas of the UOCRA in Argentina, submitted a report outlining the actions that have been taken regarding gender issues in Latin America and the Caribbean.

Latin America and the Caribbean are represented on this International Women’s Committee by comrades Fabiana Santos of FENTICOMMC (Dominican Republic), Liliana Daza of FETRAMECOL (Colombia), Dulcilene Carneiro de Morais of CONTICOM-CUT (Brazil), Liliana Barbozad of FOCRA (Argentina) and Alejandra Hurwitz, Luciana Fluttaz, Anahi Medina and Marta Pujadas of the UOCRA (Argentina).

The current president of the International Women’s Committee expressed her satisfaction with what has been achieved so far and with the progress made in the area of gender equality. The committee’s president for the period 2013 to 2017 will be comrade Fatimah Mohammad of UFES (Malaysia).

The committee also agreed on two initiatives: firstly, the submission of resolution 5 on the BWI’s gender parity policy; and secondly, the campaign to unionise women through membership recruitment campaigns and actions to raise the profile of trades unions with women, and to include this approach in the Strategic Plan of the BWI for the period 2013–2017.

The committee also discussed other proposed resolutions and motions, including ones regarding health and safety, young women and decent employment for women.