World Thematic Forum on the Employment Relationship: Intermediaries Are Threatening our Jobs
The World Thematic Forum on the Employment Relationship held on the afternoon of 2 December gave BWI affiliates from the five regions an opportunity to share their experiences on the jobs situation in the construction, forestry and wood industries.

While informal work is proliferating in Africa and other regions, in Europe trade unions are increasingly facing social dumping by multinational companies and through some governments.

Work in the construction sectors is becoming more and more informal, especially owing to intermediaries that have changed the nature of the employment relationship.

Employment agencies, undeclared work, and work in the informal economy all pose a threat to jobs, and trade unions must get themselves organised to bring about the formalisation of jobs in the construction industry, concluded Vasco Pedrina, a member of the BWI World Board.

The facilitator of the forum called on building and wood trade unions to mobilise themselves for an active participation in the June 2014 session of the International Labour Conference, whose theme will be the transition from an informal to a formal economy. At least an ILO Recommendation on informal work must be adopted in Geneva in June 2014.