African Regional Committee commends Ambet Yuson for the work accomplished
The Regional Committee for Africa and the Middle East met in Bangkok on 2 December 2013. It was opened under the presidency of Piet Matosa of the Afreco, and in the presence of General Secretary Ambet Yuson and of Dietmar Schäfers, member of the BWI World Board.

The meeting discussed the report of the regional secretariat as well as issues of joint interest, such as affiliation requests, regional affiliation fees, and proposals for the agenda and venue of the 2014 meeting.

The region has seen progress in respect of union dues and further efforts are asked from all the affiliated unions to raise the number of their dues-paying members. All the affiliation requests were referred to the next meeting for the Secretariat to conduct further investigations on the applicant trade unions. The next meeting of the Afreco will be held in Jordan in 2014.

The Regional Committee bestowed honorary distinctions on certain personalities such as Ulf Asp and Anita Normark, both former General Secretaries, as well as on BWI President Klaus Wiesehügel and Ambet Yuson for their accomplishments at the head of the organisation.