Opening of BWI congress Jobs for All, Justice for All
"I have seen energy of the young workers who want to take action." said Ambet Yuson, general secretary of the BWI at the opening of the congress." The agenda of young workers is the agenda of the BWI."

Klaus Wiesehugel, president of the BWI, welcomed the presence of 800 delegates from 220 unions in 100 countries with 25 percent of women and 40 young trade unionists under the age of 35. "Our task is to secure better working conditions on the building sites, in the factories and in the forests. In addition, prosperity must be more fairly distributed worldwide." While talking about governments, he stressed "There is less solidarity and less social justice in society." His speech also mentioned the situation of migrant workers in Qatar, the typhoon in the Philippines and the difficult political situation in countries like China, Korea, Zimbabwe, Malaysia without forgetting the recent changes in Myanmar.

"The objective of the TLSC is to unite all wood and forestry workers in Thailand.This congress will inspire us furthe,r" said the Thai representative from TLSC. A video explained the fragmentation of the Thai labour movement.

In her speech, Sharon Burrrow, general secretary of the International Trade Union Confederation, ITUC, described the economic situation worldwide. "Global citizens feel abandoned by their government." She added: "The system is sick." efore stressing the important work carried out by the BWI on Qata -, the slave State. "We need your help to deepen this campaign!" and with Ambet Yuson rose a banner Re-Run the Vote: No World Cup in Qatar without Workers' Rights.

In a video message from Guy Ryder, director-general of the ILO "Every woman and man should not only have a job, but a decent job. At the same time, social justice is a fundamental value for the world of work, as it provides the necessary basis for workers' rights to be in place. And trade unions are vital for achieving jobs and justice." He further added:"The ILO and BWI work together to promote decent work conditions in preparation for global events such as World Cup football. Drawing on the magnitude and visibility of the World Cup, we can leave a model of decent work as a legacy for others to follow in other mega-events and large-scale urban interventions." And in his conclusion said: "Our combined efforts in construction, wood and forestry constitute a vital partnership."