Young people want a place in the structures of the BWI
The BWI youth committee convened in Bangkok on Monday, 3 December, from 1:30 p.m. to make their voices heard in the organisation’s bodies.

Opening the deliberations, co-president of the ad hoc BWI youth committee, Vasyl Andreyev, construction union Ukraine, recalled the obstacles that youth had surmounted before seeing their concerns being taken seriously into account within the BWI.

He then gave an update on the situation of the resolution adopted by the young trade unionists in June 2013 in Maierhofen, Germany, at the BWI world youth festival. This resolution, which had been submitted to the BWI World Council in May, was intended to give youth greater visibility and a structural framework in BWI bodies. The youth meeting held on the eve of the 3rd BWI Congress had been organised in order to find strategies for its adoption by the Congress.

According to Christian Beck, co-president of the youth committee and youth member of IG Bau, Germany, youth’s role in unions must go beyond their participation in the opening and closing ceremonies of unions’ activities. Youth must be involved in the whole process of trade union developments.