Panel discussion on organising, mobilizing and campaigning forward for Jobs for All, Justice for All
Panellists including the ILO, Amnesty International, BWI delegation to Qatar focused on concrete strategies on mobilizing and campaigning. The focus was on the BWI Qatar campaign and the importance of partnerships in order to achieve decent work for migrant workers.

Each panelist explained the work carried out by their organisation. The ILO will be chairing the global migration group in 2014 for the first time. "It is crucial to bring in social partners in the processes," said ILO chief on migration. "For the ILO social dialogue is key as well as training and capacity building."

Amnesty's report showed the scale of the abuse. "It is the system in place that gives employers the option of exploiting migrant workers." Amnesty added: 'There is a need to change the practices in the Gulf."

For Dietmar Schäfers, IG Bau: "If Qatar wants to keep the World Cup, they have to respect at least the minimum standards. Among the 150 migrant workers met during the mission, none of them knew the national Human Rights committee.

Finally the importance of solidarity between countries of destination and origins was stressed as well as "to help migrant workers all around the world" and not only focus on few countries. MOUs and work with governments on standard contracts have to be taken into consideration. Johan Lindholm, BYGGNADS, Sweden.

A delegate from Canada raised the importance of the Pan-American games in 2015 being built by trade union members. "Workers will show the RED card!"

A delegate from Sri Lanka stressed the importance of having a common standard for South East Asia in order to avoid signing agreements separately.

A woman delegate from Africa said: " Many women migrant workers are not secured and disappear. We also have to do something for them."

The session concluded that "it is only by working together that we will succeed. It will take time but solidarity is the strongest weapon we have. "

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