BWI Bangkok declaration
"Justice for All and Jobs for All" – That is what BWI members fight for every day. From Qatar
to Panama and to Uganda, from IKEA to Holcim and to Lafarge, everywhere the BWI’s
members are on the front lines in the defence of social justice. The persistence of the
negative consequences of neoliberal policies make us all once again realise that the
success of any economy or any government does not ultimately depend on the number of
billionaires in the population or the size of the gross domestic product. It is rather the
abilities, knowledge and skills applied by the workers that generate any society’s prosperity.
And they have a right to their share of society’s wealth.

Globally unregulated capital has led to social unrest and tensions, economic refugees and
the climate crisis. There is less and less decent work and more and more poverty. The gap
between rich and poor continues to widen. Inequality often results in younger generations
being trapped in poverty. In many countries around the world, the younger generation is
facing an even more uncertain future than did their parents' generation.

Bashing or ignoring unions leads to social regression. On all the five continents, our unions
are more than ever working together to achieve jobs for all and justice for all. That means
that we are putting forward joint demands for equal access to decent employment, for a
living wage that supports a decent life, for reasonable working hours, for health and safety,
and for social security. Only in countries where it is possible for free and independent trade
unions to organise and to operate can that be achieved.

First - We will fight for just, social and sustainable policy. Governments must make
investments in infrastructure, innovation, research and development, and education and
vocational training. To finance those investments, the wealthy must be required to make
their due contribution. To those ends, trade unions must be socially and politically active in

Second - We demand that trade union rights be fully respected. We are under attack and
every day we have to struggle for the right to be in a trade union and to enjoy the protection
of collective agreements. There is an urgent need for us to build stronger unions in all
countries and to boost the number of trade union members. Neither in Colombia nor
anywhere else shall any more trade unionists be assassinated. No workers shall lose their
jobs because of their trade union organising.

The member organisations of the BWI will fight in unity and solidarity, and together with their
12 million members, for decent, safe and sustainable jobs.
In solidarity, we will continue the struggle for "Jobs for All and Justice for All