Speech of outgoing President
We must continue to work to ensure that climate change is halted. There is another issue that has been particularly close to my heart since my youth. I want us to live in a world that is free of war. My wish is that we should live peacefully with one another in this world. That can only happen if people respect each other and talk to each other instead of using weapons to resolve their conflicts.

To achieve this, the world community must do everything it can to ensure that human rights in this world are respected and that every person’s livelihood is secure. I know that peace is the most difficult task of all,because behind every war there are powerful interests.

The civil war in Syria would not have been nearly so destructive in its scope if both sides had not been supplied with weapons by other countries.

Thousands of people have already died in this civil war and millions have fled.

We trade unions in the BWI are a good model of how binding rules and mutual respect can provide a basis for reaching joint decisions, in peaceful ways.

This Congress gives us all courage and motivation for the many challenges that lie ahead.

We have elected a new team of leaders and I have every confidence that you will continue to progress the work of the BWI.

I understand the responsibility that comes with the office of President of the BWI.

I know that it is in good hands and I wish Per-Olof and Ambet all the best and every success.
The workers need us!

For me a new chapter of my life begins today, with no prominent office in the trade unions.
There is one thing I can certainly promise you: I am a trade unionist through and through and I shall continue to campaign for decent work and for workers’ interests.
Of that you can be sure.

Finally, I should like to thank you all once again for your kind words in connection with my departure and in particular for your magnificent work for the BWI!