Gold pins presented to the retiring World Board and World Council members
After the elections, Gold Pins were presented to the retiring World Board and World Council members by the BWI Youth in recognition of their contributions to the organisation. These included Klaus Wiesehugel, IGBAU, Germany; Vasco Pedrina, UNIA, Switzerland; Steinar Karlsen, Fellesforbundet, Norway; Baba El Madane Toure, FENIBABCOM, Mali; Wolfgang Rhode, IG Metall, Germany and Jan Voets, ACV-BIE, Belgium. With regard to the venue for the next World Congress - Durban, South Africa was chosen to host the 4th BWI World Congress in 2017. The proposal was put forth by Piet Matossa, Vice President, Africa and Middle East.

The Congress was officially closed by Per-Olof Sjoo, President, BWI – “We have the four year blueprint ready and we need to move into action to strengthen unions locally, nationally and globally and to improve lives of the workers and their families”. He announced the Bangkok Declaration that succinctly captured the essence of Congress deliberations and the way forward.

Finally, curtains were drawn on the 3rd World Congress with a colourful ceremony. The global youth carried flags and staged traditional dance. The ceremony depicted traditional five elements concept of Asia i.e. water, fire, earth, wood and metal with each element related to the five colours of the African flag viz. blue, red, yellow, green and black. This symbolised that the hosting of next World Congress moves away from Asia to Africa.