About the congress
3rd World Congress
1- 5 December 2013
Royal Orchid Sheraton Hotel
2 Charoen Krung Soi 30, Siphya, Bangrak
Bangkok 10500 Thailand

The Building and Wood Workers’ International is holding its 3rd World Congress to decide on its goals, priorities, and actions for the 2014-2017 Congress period. It will also elect its leadership that includes the World Council, the President and two Deputy Presidents, the General Secretary, and the Auditors.

Representing 340 trade unions in 132 countries, the Congress will also provide the opportunity for the Regional and the International Women Committees to meet and discuss their specific plans and agenda within the global union. Thematic forums and regional and issue-based exhibits will form part of the weeklong event around the 2-day Congress proper.

The theme and logo correspond to the three key factors the BWI as part of the global Trade Union Movement stands for. Jobs that should be decent provides livelihood to the people while justice relates to the deprivation that the working people still experience as social inequities, repression, discrimination, and lack of democracy permeates around the world. Jobs and justice are our goals and BWI asserts that Trade Unions remain as key instrument or organization to achieve them.

With Asia-Pacific region hosting the Congress, the event will be held in Bangkok, Thailand to underscore the imperative to support trade unionism in the South East Asian region considering that it is a major sub-region hosting economic expansion specially construction and timber and related industries. The Congress Hall is Royal Orchid Sheraton Hotel -- one of the few unionised hotels in Bangkok.

Congress Events

As indicated above, the Congress week will have several pre-Congress meetings and side events.

Statutory Meetings. The International Women’s Committee (IWC) and the Regional Committees will hold their meetings to discuss their own constituency or regional concerns ranging from their issues and concerns as well as priorities and action plans. They will also take this opportunity to prepare their groups for the World Congress.

Thematic Forum. These are meetings that will cover several trade union related issues. External speakers are expected to provide additional insights and at the same time BWI unions are expected to highlight their best practices. The topics that will the discussed include MNCs, IFAs, Precarious Work, and Migration. Project supported unions are expected to participate in these events.

World Board. As the body that has the right and obligation to manage the affairs of BWI, the meeting will deal with the execution of Congress and Council decisions, administration of BWI, affiliation issues, the annual budget and the Strategic Plan.

World Council. This is the meeting that will deal with general policy of BWI between Congresses. Immediately after the Congress it will also convene to elect the Regional Vice Presidents and the World Board.

World Congress. Held every four years, it covers the election of BWI leadership, reporting on activities and financial performance of the previous Congress period, decide on the Strategic Plan and decide on motions and resolutions. Thematic discussions related to BWI work are also held within the proceedings.